16-18 JUN 2017

    Register for the iDance Classic

    iDance Wellington Modern Jive Dance Championships



  • Fri 16 June 2017

    iDance Party - Social dance party, and Swaps n Steals heats.

  • Sat 17 June 2017

    Competition - iDance Wellington Modern Jive Dance Championships.

  • Sun 18 June 2017

    Workshops by top modern jive dancers. Held between 9.45m and 3.30pm


  • Classic

    Freestyle / Levels 1-4
    DWAS / Levels 1-4

    Showcases / Levels 2-4
    Open Freestyle (Aerials) / Levels 3-4

    Beginners Teams / Levels 1-2
    Open Teams / Levels 1-4

  • Fun

    Battle of the Sexes
    X-Factor (aka Ceroc-X)
    Lucky Dip
    Swaps n Steals

    All fun events are open to levels 1-4.
    Swaps n Steals is currently scheduled for Friday night.


  • Ondine Roxburgh

    9.45am - 10.45am

    TBA, it'll be good...
    Ondine is in the process of finalising her workshop, and will annouce thie details shortly. Check back again soon!

  • Gavin & Hazel

    11.00am - 12.00pm

    Scrambled Eggs
    Working with your partner to make sure they have an awesome dance, you have an awesome dance, and everyone goes home eggcited!

  • Hannah & Cameron

    12.15pm - 1.15pm

    Presence and Flair
    Ladies: From when, where, and how to use your arms, to the different types of positions for slow and fast beats. Guys: Know how to best frame the lady, and ensure all the hits are captured. The many different types of body shaping and options for body positions and when use of body rolls can be included. Transform walking through moves to a sashay from one lead to the next.

  • Rebekah & Sam

    2.30pm - 3.30pm

    From the Ground Up
    Looking at foundational general dance technique and how it is useful / essential in modern jive.


  • Friday and Saturday Events

    Both the Friday Night iDance Party and the competition on Saturday will be held at:

    The Indian Cultual Centre
    48 Kemp Street
    Wellington 6022

  • Sunday Workshops

    The Sunday workshops will be held at:

    Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre
    11 Hutchison Road



To register for the 2017 iDance Classic, please click the link below.

If you competed at the Wellington Ceroc Classic or Simply Ceroc Competitions before we changed to iDance, you will still have a user account in our system.


We have aligned with the Modern Jive Points Index (MJPI) to more fairly recognise dancers for their efforts at competitions. Significant analysis and data modelling was completed to produce the fairest and most effective points system possible, resulting in MJPI. It was first used by Fevah Modern Jive Christchurch in 2016, and has now been adopted by iDance Wellington in 2017.

The key concept of MJPI is to fairly reward competitors for their effort. Points awarded to competitors by MJPI vary depending on a number of factors, including: the type of event, the number of competitors, how far they progressed, and where they placed.

If you have competed at Fevah Modern Jive Christchurch in 2016 or 2017, you will already be registered with the MJPI. We will check your MJPI registration to ensure you are entered in the correct level.

If you do not have a MJPI registration, we will create an MJPI registration for you. To tell us which grade you are in and how many points you should start with, simply select the level (1-4) and grade (A-L) that best matches the description of your highest competition achievements.

Level 1
A - never competed before
B - competed as a Newcomer once or twice and didn't make it to a final
C - competed as a Newcomer, three or more times OR progressed to a final
D - competed at Int B, but not made it into semi-finals

Level 2
E - competed at Int B, and progressed into semi-finals or final
F - competed at Int B, and placed in a final
G - competed at Int A, but not made it into a final

Level 3
H - competed at Int A, and made it into a final but didn't place
I - competed at Int A, and placed in a final
J - competed at Adv B

Level 4
K - competed at Adv A
L - competed at Champions or Masters



You move up levels by earning points at every competition you enter. The number of points you earn will be determined by the type of event, how many rounds there are in that event, how far you progressed through the rounds, and whether or not you placed.

When your points exceed the upper limit of a level, you will level up and your points will reset to the base points of your new level for your next competition. e.g. If you are at Level 1 and score 75 points at a competition, you will start the next competition as Level 2 with a point score of 60. The points for each level are as follows:

Level 1: 0 - 59 points
Level 2: 60 - 249 points
Level 3: 250 - 499 points
Level 4: 500 points or more

Points are calculated for every event you enter at a competition. Only your highest point earning event at a single competition will count towards your MJPI points total. e.g. If you compete in three events and earn 18, 45, and 6 points in those events, your MJPI points score will be increased by 45 points.

Tier 1 Events
Freestyle and DWAS; earn between 10 and 100 points

Tier 2 Events
Aerials / Open; earn between 5 and 50 points

Tier 3 Events
BOTS, X-Factor, Infinity, Lucky Dip, Swaps n Steals, Triples, Showcases, and Teams; earn between 3 and 30 points


Modern Jive
This is a Modern Jive competition so we expect to see Modern Jive dancing with a concertina (in and out) type of movement. The beauty of Modern Jive is that it borrows from many dance styles and so we are likely to also see an influence from other styles on the move vocabulary and footwork used, but the dance should still appear to be mostly Modern Jive.

Partner Dance
Modern Jive is a partner dance and we require partners to remain in contact for most of the dance. When connection with your partner is broken it should be regained within 8 Modern Jive counts or competitors risk being penalised.

Dancers will be allocated a position(s) on the floor which corresponds to the heat sheets. Although dancers do not have to stay in their allocated position throughout the dance, we do ask that you be mindful of other dancers around you and do not encroach on another dancers space. This skill is called floorcraft and poor use of it could result in a couple being penalised.

Dips, Drops, and Aerial Moves
We consider aerials (including lifts and acrobatics) to be moves where a dancer supports the weight of their partner with the aim to take them off the floor. Baby aerials are moves where the majority of the lifted partner's weight is at or below the chest height of the supporting partner. Full aerials are moves where the majority of the lifted partners weight is above the chest height of the supporting partner. Refer to the table below what is permitted in each event.

Judging Criteria
Competitors will be judged on a number of criteria. In all events judges will be looking for Timing, Technique, Partnership, Musicality, and Moves. For teams and showcases judges will also look for Choreography, Teamwork, and Performance.

Music & Choreography
Teams and showcases should be choreographed to a known predefined piece of music. In all other events couples will dance to an undisclosed piece of music chosen by the competition organiser. Couples dancing finals at higher levels may get two tracks of different speeds. Dancing should be freestyle and judges will be looking for non-sequenced dancing. Obvious use of choreographed or repeated sequences of moves may result in a couple being penalised.

Dancers enter as a couple, with a male lead and a female follow. A couple must dance in the level of the highest level dancer in the partnership. Level 4 finals will have a combination of a slow song, fast song, and either spotlights or dance-off. Competition organisers reserve the right to invite the highest level couples in Level 4 to dance in a separate event if it appears this will enhance the competition.

Dancers enter this event as an individual at their own personal competition level. Women will change partners at intervals of 30 seconds until they have danced with all of the men in that heat Men and women are judged separately. The judges will however be looking at how you interact as a partnership. Competition organisers reserve the right to invite the highest level couples in Level 4 to dance in a separate event if it appears this will enhance the competition.

Classic Events Dips &
Freestyle / Level 1
Freestyle / Level 2
Freestyle / Levels 3-4
DWAS / Level 1
DWAS / Levels 2-4
Fun Events Dips &
Swaps n Steals
Performances Dips &
Open Freestyle (Aerials)
Teams / Beginners
Teams / Open

2016 Results

Classic / DWAS First Second Third
Newcomers Thomas Sturman
Ruby Liley
Duncan Shand
Fiona Howard
Scott Newberry
Alysha Akula
Intermediate B Jeremy Wilson
Christina Underhill
Yinzhou Gao
Jennifer Zaslona
Yohan Ng
Cherise Tan
Intermediate A Michael Li
Rosie O'Connor
Robert Veale
Jenny Atkins
Peter Randrup
Hannah Phillips
Advanced B Tim Klingenberg
Emma Hocking
Jason Kiesanowski
Sarah Gilmour
Ben Jury
Mandy Robinson
Advanced A Jeremy Hobbs
Caitlin Batt
Jack Yates
Rebeca Reid
Alan Mason
Zoe Klomp
Classic / Freestyle First Second Third
Newcomers Pere Herewini-Te Awa
Ruby Lilley
Scott Newbury
Lise Bakker
Barry Kirby
Sophie Goulter
Intermediate B Patrick Richards
Brieanna Evans
Daryl MacLean
Jennifer Zaslona
Yinzhou Gao
Rachel Barker
Intermediate A Damon Manning
Rosie O'Connor
Tom Swarbrick
Kirsty Prattley
Mathew Flemmer
Jenny Atkins
Advanced B Brad Harris
Sara Gilmour
Peter Randrup
Emma Hocking
Grant Green
Zoe Green
Advanced A Sam Larsen
Rebecca Reid
Jack Yates
Caitlin Batt
Nathan van Rij
Alice Finch
Cabaret First Second Third
Teams Barden Bellas
Space Cadets
Palmerston North
Creative First Second Third
Battle of the Sexes Alice Finch
Rebecca Reid
Jenny Atkins
Kirsty Prattley
Damon Manning
Guido von Mulert
Ceroc X Brad Harris
Deb Robinson
Jack Yates
Zoe Green
Jeremy Hobbs
Brieanna Evans
Infinity Jason Kiesanowski
Hannah Buress
Matt Robinson
Susan Pearson
Ben Jury
Jenny Atkins
Lucky Dip Nathan van Rij
Amanda Gourley
Matt Robinson
Rosie O'Connor
Dave Kerby
Ondine Roxburgh
Swaps n Steals Jeremy Hobbs
Sam Larsen
Rebecca Reid
Alan Yeung
James Steel
Sarah Gilmour
Brad Harris
Jason Kiesanowski
Courtenay Brown
Triples Robert Pearce
Juliet Lloyd
Hannah Honey
Jenny Atkins
Kirsty Prattley
Rebecca Reid
Sam Larsen
Alissa Thompson
Rosie O'Connor
Open Freestyle Peter Williams
Jenni Collingwood
Julian McCracken
Tamasin Beattie
Masters First Second Third
Masters DWAS Darryn Solomon
Debbie Keal
Yuvesh Sharma
Michaela Cullimore
Dan Rippon
Amanda Gourley
Masters Freestyle Dan Rippon
Debbie Keal
Ethan Brown
Nikita Grindle
Darryn Solomon
Hazel Barrer
Masters Swaps n Steals Gavin Brady
Vanroe Stone
Debbie Keal
Darryn Solomon
George Ciprian
Hazel Barrer
Yuvesh Sharma
Steve Lafferty
Michaela Cullimore